We're proud to say that Xcalibur Mobile is now available!

The iPad 3G may be close to the perfect device for remote sales and service. Xcalibur Mobile takes advantage of the larger screen space, faster processor (compared to Windows Mobile devices), and an "always on" 3G Internet connection.

Xcalibur for iPad
What's new in Xcalibur for iPad?
  • Data transmitted in real-time
  • When the iPad is within 3G range, invoices created on the iPad are automatically sent to Xcalibur Server. Which means that orders are in your office before the day is complete. Have your inventory restocks pulled the same day.
  • No data re-entry
  • No more manually re-enterering orders from the handheld or written invoices. Data is automatically inserted into Xcalibur Server. No additional posting procedures are required.
  • "Merlin" unit wizard
  • The Merlin module remembers the contents of each kit or unit at each customer location. Reps will just need to tap yes or no if an item is needed to be restocked, which removes the need to type in product numbers in most cases.

    This will also reduce some of the stress when it comes time to train new sales reps since they won't know what the kit originally contained. Items can still be added manually. Merlin will be coming to Xcalibur for Windows Mobile as well!
  • Reps have real time visibility to certain Xcalibur Server data
  • Sales reps have real time visibility into certain back office data such as warehouse inventory, status of purchase orders, etc. Of course, access to this data is always subject to your authorization.
  • Updates and changes reflected in minutes not the next day
  • Change pricing, or enter items on Xcalibur Server, and have those changes updated on all of your reps iPads within minutes.
  • Map It!
  • Xcalibur can send an address to the built in map program to locate a customer
  • GPS Aware
  • When completed, invoices are stamped with the current location's coordinates. Also, reps can search for customers based within a defined radius from their current location.
  • Instant software upgrades
  • Changes to Xcalibur appear instantly to the sales rep. No manual installation process is necessary. And as always, subscribers to the Xcalibur service receive upgrades free of charge.

    Can I use the iPad, and Windows Mobile together?
    Yes, if you'd like to implement Xcalibur into your business now, or if you want to gradually make the investment of iPads for your entire fleet, you can run Xcalibur Mobile for Windows concurrently with Xcalibur for iPad

    Part of what makes Xcalibur for iPad so exciting is not so much what it adds, but what it takes away...

    No Printers, home computers or dial up modems needed!
    Tech support for your remote sales reps is a challenge when it comes to harware, especially printers. 

    Between feeding paper into the tractor, frozen (and expensive) ink cartridges, and connectivity issues, printers can ruin a sales rep's day, and yours.

    Having a printer-less Xcalibur solution has been a goal of ours for a long time, and the iPad finally provides the hardware to bring this goal to reality!

    How do we replace the printer?
    Since Xcalibur for iPad uses a 3G internet connection, you're always online. When the sales rep enters an order at the customer location, that order is automatically sent to Xcalibur Server. The server will then send a PDF email or fax copy of an invoice to the appropriate billing contact(s) for that customer, even if those contacts aren't onsite.

    The digital signature is even included on the PDF, and will arrive in most cases, faster than it takes to walk to the van to print a paper copy!

    What about the customers who don't have email or a fax machine?
    We realize that some of your customers aren't up to speed with technology. At the office, Xcalibur can print out a paper copy (with the signature included), to be mailed that same day.

    If your customers still require that you have a printer in your vehicles, there are third party apps for iPad that can integrate Wi-Fi enabled printers. This solution requires a Wi-Fi hotspot in your van, which can be provided by cell carriers such as Sprint and AT&T.

    What if I'm out of range of a 3G signal?
    Invoices for customers out of range of the 3G signal will remain stored on the iPad until the device comes back into range. At that point the invoice will be automatically sent to Xcalibur Server which triggers delivery to the customer.

    No more home computers or dial up modems
    Even less hardware to support. Since Xcalibur for iPad has a built in internet connection, there is no more nighly synchronization, or transmission process. Data is sent from the iPad to Xcalibur Server as it is entered throughout the day.
    Our Partners Microsoft PayPal Authorize.net UPS FedEx Interfax Purchasing, financials, AR, AP, its all part of the package.