Mobile sales software, designed and perfected by mobile sales professionals

When we started Xcalibur in 2002, our mandate was to build a
mobile point of sale solution that can...

... allow a rep to have access to all of their customers
... add new customers
... create invoices, backorders, quotes, and credits
... track inventory on the vehicle
... transmit to the back-office via any Internet connection
... print to existing dot-matrix printers
... and run on the latest hardware.

Those goals were achieved, surpassed, and now for the last eight years, sales reps across the country have been serving their customers using Xcalibur for Windows Mobile

We're now on version 5.0, and Xcalibub Mobile continues to grow and evolve.

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What kind of hardware do I need to run Xcalibur Mobile?
There are three things that you'll usually need in your vehicle, a handheld device, okidata printer, and a bluetooth printer adapter.
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Xcalibur for Windows Mobile features include...
  • Store each customer's order history for the past two months
  • Order history includes payment status
  • Ability to prevent reps from servicing customers with past due accounts
  • Save customer's special pricing on a per item basis
  • Save a customer's discount percentage
  • Save a customer's unique price list
  • Add new customers and contacts
  • Add multiple customer locations (addresses) within the same customer record
  • Automatically apply surcharges to orders
  • Create quotes with option to convert to invoices in the future
  • Start a customer order and finish it at a later date
  • Transmit sales to Xcalibur Server using any Internet connection
  • Create unlimited units (kits, groups, cabinets, etc) to organize items on an order
  • Print invoices, backorders, quotes, etc to dot-matrix printers via Bluetooth
  • Reps or office staff can add reminders and notes to customer locations to be viewed on each visit
  • Reps can see their current inventory status when adding an item to an order
  • Digital signature capture for customer orders
  • Price lists can be created and used for multiple customer locations
  • Search for customers by name, street address, city, and zip. Partial search works too
  • Rep has the option to deliver products from van, or backorder from the office
  • System will inform rep if a particular item is active, discontinued, or inactive
  • Establish a minimum GP%, and prevent a rep from selling below that threshold
  • Reps can order additional inventory (not part of their regular restock)
  • Multiple unique "ship to" locations can bill to a central billing office
  • Customers can have a blanket PO number which will appear on each order
  • System generates backup database upon each connection to Xcalibur Server to eliminate downtime in the field
  • Data is stored in a primary and redundant backup database to prevent data loss
  • "Windows Update" style upgrade process, Xcalibur Mobile software updates are delivered as part of the transmission process
  • Runs on most Windows Mobile devices
  • Our Partners Microsoft PayPal UPS FedEx Interfax Purchasing, financials, AR, AP, its all part of the package.