Outgrowing QuickBooks?

Can't get your handhelds to play nice with your backoffice system?

Built from the ground up along with Xcalibur Mobile, Xcalibur Server is a proven platform to handle your day to day business.

While designed specifically for businesses with remote sales reps, and multiple inventory locations, Xcalibur is flexible enough to adapt to any business environment.

Xcalibur Server Benefits include...

  • Continuous Active Development
  • Because Xcaliubur is a hosted service, you are automatically upgraded to the latest version, at no additional charge.
  • Xcalibur is web based, you can manage your business from anywhere
  • Xcalibur works great in the latest IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari browsers.
  • You use Macs? No problem, did we mention Xcalibur is web based?
  • It runs great in any modern browser, especially Safari.
  • Eliminate data re-entry
  • Are you posting data from the handheld to your separate backend system? Not currently using handhelds, and manually writing invoices? Once a customer record, or customer order is entered into Xcalibur Mobile, its automatically added to the server. No labor intensive manual re-entry.
  • ODBC Access to your data
  • With Microsoft Access, Excel, or any program that can use an ODBC connection, you can build your own reports or apps using data from Xcalibur.
  • Real time visibility into inventory, financials, sales, etc
  • As invoices are entered into the system, or transmitted from Xcalibur Mobile, sales are automatically posted to the GL, and inventory is adjusted. No additional posting processes are needed, sales standings and gl accounts reflect activity in real time. You can even track sales as they happen live throughout the day (when using Xcalibur for iPad).
  • Xcalibur is hosted by Riverport as a service
  • No additional hardware, or infrastructure costs. Upgrades are included as part of your Xcalibur service, free of charge, and we take care of your nightly backups. See here for more about how your company can benefit from a hosted service.

    What's included in Xcalibur Server?

    Customer Management
    All the basics of customer managment are included. Create unlimted customers, locations, and contacts. Plus you can have multiple addresses (or "ship to" locations), per customer record. These locations can be spread out among multiple territories in order to for each rep to generate invoices which are billed to a customer's central billing location.
    Flexible customer pricing
    Each customer location can have special pricing on a product basis, be given a blanket discount, or be assigned to a price list. Plus, Xcalibur remembers the pricing for each future invoice.
    Accounts Receivable
    Enter customer payments, process credit cards, lock out past due accounts, schedule collection calls, past due notices, and much more.
    Built in credit card processing
    Charge credit cards and send a receipt via email or fax, directly within Xcalibur.
    Inventory Control
    This is why Xcalibur was originally built. Maintain multiple warehouses and mobile inventory locations. Track on hand quantities, minimums, maximums, on order, bin locations, etc.
    Create purchase orders and email them directly to the vendor without leaving your web browser. Xcalibur can also generate suggested purchase orders based on existing special orders, as well as regular warehouse stock orders based on current inventory and suggested levels.
    Accounts Payable
    Generate bills, create and print payments, with the signature already printed. As with all modules within Xcalibur, you can control who has access to this.
    Income statements, balance sheets, bank rec, unlimited GL accounts... they're all here.
    You determine who has access to your system, and what they can do when they get there. You set up the account, then grant access rights to them based on their job functions.
    Customer locations can be allocated to one or more territories, sales reps can then generate routing reports based on which day of the month that customer should be visited.
    Sales Standings
    Which rep is your highest producer this month? The customizable sales standings will give you your company's monthly performance at a glance.
    Built in faxing and email
    You can email or fax customer orders, purchase orders, shipment packing lists, directly from Xcalibur, no more going to the file cabinet.
    Can I use Xcalibur Server independently of Xcalibur Mobile?
    Yes, Xcalibur Server can be used by itself for companies that do not have mobile sales.
    Our Partners Microsoft PayPal Authorize.net UPS FedEx Interfax Purchasing, financials, AR, AP, its all part of the package.