Xcalibur Mobile requires three hardware units in each vehicle...

Below is an overview of the hardware requirements for Xcalibur Mobile. There are many options when it comes to selecting your hardware, used or new, entry level handheld or ruggedized industrial device, etc.

We're not in business to make money on hardware, so we'll consult with you to make the best choice depending on your budget and business requirements.

After determining your hardware needs, we'll procure the hardware for you, or direct you to the best source to minimize your cost. It's your preference.

Estimated minimum
hardware cost per van $200

This estimated cost reflects all three units. If you have existing hardware that is compatible, you will not need to replace it.
Windows Mobile Device OkiData dot matrix printer Bluetooth parallel printer adapter
Estimated Price: $50-$3,000 new or used Estimated Price: $50-$350 new or used Estimated Price: $60 new
See below for more information We recommend the OkiData 186 Turbo, however the 184 works as well. A Bluetooth adapter is necessary to accept a wireless data from the handheld to be printed.

The adapter plugs into the printer's parallel port.
Handheld Units
Xcalibur Mobile requires a handheld that runs the Windows Mobile operating system (2003 or newer), has a minimum screen resolution of 240x320px, and accepts a SD Memory Card.
Dell Axim x50
Our clients started using Axims in 2002, however Dell discontinued these units a few years ago.

The good news is that they can still be found used (and sometimes never used) on eBay.

Used Axims are a great way to keep your intial investment as low as possible, as most of our clients still use these units.

Price: Varies, as low as $50 used
HP iPaq 110
If you're looking for a brand new device, but for the lowest price. Then we recommend the HP iPaq 110 (pictured) or the iPaq 210.

We've used iPaq devices before and had great results with them.

Price: iPaq 110 $299 brand new
Price: iPaq 210 $399 brand new
Honeywell Dolphin
Ruggedized industrial devices such as the Dolphin are built for extreme conditions and are designed to hold up to harsher conditions. Units like these are at least $1,000 each.

Unless your specific business requires this functionality, we advise clients to steer clear of purchasing these units new, when less expensive hardware will serve you fine.

If you are moving to Xcalibur Mobile from another system, and you already have purchased these units then your investment won't be lost!

Price: Starts at $1,500
Our Partners Microsoft PayPal Authorize.net UPS FedEx Interfax Purchasing, financials, AR, AP, its all part of the package.