A typical company's Xcalibur installation consists of a web based back-end server, several mobile handheld devices running Xcalibur Mobile, and a few other small programs and services to handle printing, and mobile upgrades.

Xcalibur is offered as a hosted application or, software as a service (SaaS). Hosted applications are far more simple to implement into an organization because...

But what about security, who can see my data?
We treat your data with as much sensitivity as you would. Riverport Networks does not access, or use your data for any reason other than supporting your specific Xcalibur installation. We provide and sign non-disclousure agreements prior to activating your installation, and to further attest, we have seven years worth of history (and counting) with our loyal customers.
Is my data only available through Xcalibur?
No, if you desire, we will provide you with ODBC access to your database, in order for you to use other tools such as Microsoft Access, or Excel. Also, we can assist you with setting up a "mirrored" database at your location, if you have additional reporting requirements.
How often is my data backed up?
Your data is automatically backed up every night. In addition, data backups can be provided to you via CD or DVD on an as needed basis.
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